Betting on CS Majors: GO

ESports attracts more and more people to every major event or tournament. Like sporting events, eSports brings betting sites such as 1XBET or MrXbet to offer bets ranging from the simple win of a team most often but also to more specialized bets like the number of frags, the exact score or what team does the first blood.


For this tournament 16 teams are qualified including 8 from the ESL One Cologne and 8 who had to fight to qualify. All games in the group stage are played in BO1.

The group phase

The 2017 edition was held in Atlanta from January 22nd to 29th, 2017. It differs slightly from what can be seen on other games or in other tournaments. Indeed the teams are divided into 4 categories (the first 4 of the ESL One in Cologne that we will call group A, the last 4 group B, the first 4 in the qualifying phase group C and the last 4 group D ).

For the first round, it’s easy for group A to face group D, and group B for C. The second round begins with a new high and low group division with winners and losers in round 1. At this the teams are facing a team they have never played against. For the third round, the teams are divided into three groups according to their result. Two wins make you into the High group, 1 win and 1 draw in the Mid and only two defeats get you into the Low group. And again you have to play against a new opponent. If you are 3 victories you are directly qualified for the final phase but on the contrary 3 defeats and you are eliminated. For those with 2 wins and 1 loss they are paid in the High group of round 4 and those with 2 losses and 1 victory in the Low group of round 4. Again you have to play against a new opponent. The winners of the High group are qualified for the finals and the losers of the Low group are eliminated. For others, head for a fifth and final round where the winners will be qualified and the losers eliminated.

In this game the teams Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere qualify at the end of round 3. Fnatic, SK Gaming and Gambit Esports round 4 and FaZe Clan, North and Astralis pull out their qualifications in round 5.

The final phase

The matches go into BO3 and we will follow more precisely the course of the future winners who have yet qualified in the 5th and last round: Astralis. As you can see on the board, they face the Natus Vincere in the quarterfinals. Small surprise since it is Astralis who will prevail 2-1 (16-7,14-16,16-10). Then in the semi-finals Astralis faces Fnatic and wins 2-0 (19-16,16-5).

Here they are in the final against Virtus.pro who they have not failed. For the first round VP takes a small advantage 5-2 but gets back to 5-5. The rounds pass but the two teams remain very close with 9 innings everywhere but VP stands out in the final to lead 15 to 12 and afford 4 match balls. They will need only a 16-12 to grab the first game. The second part starts and it is Astralis who takes a slight advantage that they will never manage to enlarge and it is even Virtus.pro who pass to them in the final at 14-13. But Astralis will eventually go up to win 16-14 and return to 1 game each. Everything will be played on the third and last part. This last part seems to be more successful at Virtus.pro, which is coming in at 7-0, but Astralis are slowly getting back on their feet and making up for 14-14. Astralis has the luxury of leading 15-14 and offering a $ 500,000 round. They will not shake and win 16 to 14 by coming from far away as much on this part as on the whole tournament.

The Major of Krakow

It will take place in Krakow, Poland, from July 16 to 23, 2017. There again with a $ 1 million cashprize, of which 500,000 will go to the winner. We still have very little information about this tournament but the 8 qualified teams are the 8 best of ELEAGUE Major. The other 8 participants will have to go through qualifying matches. Presumably, it should be done in the same way with the five-round system.