How to get started in Hearthstone?

With the new extension that came out this Friday that adds 135 cards but removes a good part, it may be the perfect time to get started. But do not be fooled, start Hearthstone now is very complicated even with a minimum investment, yet it is not impossible. It will be necessary to focus on creating a single low cost deck, a minimum effective and not necessarily your taste.

How to build a solid foundation on the Blizzard game?

It will be necessary to be rigorous as long as possible, to make its quests (cumulative over 3 days) every day, to make the arm wrestling every week, to accumulate the most packets and gold coins possible. The more packages you open, the more cards and dust you will have to make other decks. But you will need a lot of patience in Hearthstone.

One of the interesting strategies to progress faster and to successfully raise 150 gold to pay the entry fee for the arena. This is a special mode that allows you to randomly choose between three heroes and to choose between three cards each time, all 30 times to have a full deck. Then the goal is going to be to reach the 12 victories but knowing that losing his third is eliminatory. But do not jump in immediately. It will be necessary to know a minimum the cards by discovering their effects, their combinations with other cards. For that, watching Hearthstone streams can be a good idea to learn in a pleasant way. You equip an add-on that tells you the potential or not of each card is also a very good idea. From 3 wins this starts to be profitable knowing that even if you do not win any game, you will get a minimum package of only 50 gold coins.

How to pass Legend in Hearthstone?

It’s been several weeks or months now that you play Hearthstone and you want to spend the famous, famous legendary rank. First tip: Arm yourself with patience, a lot of patience. For a good player we can hope to have a win rate of about 55 to 60%. At this rate it will take about 400 to 450 games, a minimum of 50 to 60 hours of play in the month to reach the Legend rank. In addition, you must master your decks to perfection, know the strengths and weaknesses, avoid as much errors as possible and learn about the current meta Hearthstone. A tracker (statistics tool) is also recommended because it will analyze your parts of Hearthstone and over them you will be able to see which classes are causing you the most problems or vice versa. This will allow you to see if against one or another opponent one action is better than another. Yes, Legend is not given to everyone.

During this journey you will know different feelings, as much as a big series of victories is looming this will put you in confidence, even if the overconfidence can put you at fault. But the hardest thing in Hearthstone is not to lose hope, not to scream scandal, not to get upset when nothing works, because losing streaks or even stalling can quickly be demoralizing. . If you feel that moment coming (it will happen for everyone at any given time), stop playing, do not ruin your efforts by losing ranks hard to win by swaying your parties.

On the way to the Legend

Already if you start chasing the rank Legend, you have necessarily played the previous month at Hearthstone and you will not start at rank 25 but rather around rank 20 or 18. The first step will be the choice of the deck . Do not take a deck that is played over time because the goal is clear, we must chain the most part as quickly as possible. An aggressive type of deck is therefore preferable and the first objective will be to reach the rank 15 for the safeguard of the rank. This is the simplest part of the climb. This should take you 1 hour, 2 hours maximum.

Once this stage is over you do not risk anything, if you feel like it, you can try other decks surely more interesting to play and especially more fun. Then we move towards the safeguard of the rank 10. It is already more complicated to reach especially at the beginning of season especially that compared to the progression of the rank 20 to 15 it takes 4 stars and not 3 to cross a row. And nothing is more frustrating than to reach rank 11 with 4 stars, that is to say to a winning part to pass the safeguard of the rank 10, but in the end you take 1,2 or even 3 defeats of and your hopes fly away.

This is where your nerves will only begin to be strained especially if this pattern occurs several times in a row and you really see that you are unlucky. Perfect deck output for your opponent, out of your very weak deck, part that rocks to your disadvantage on an unlikely element. Nothing more frustrating to see a part under your control escape you in this way. But it’s the beauty of the game you will answer some. Keep calm. On a stroke of luck or thanks to a series of victories that brings you 2 stars instead of one you will end up passing this rank 10.

Rank 10 to 5 is basically the same story except that you add an extra star and then we go to 5 stars per rank. And here the hardest is yet to come.

Rank 5

You have reached rank 5, you are among the best players in Hearthstone, only 6 to 7% of the total players reach this level at the end of each month. But our goal is the rank Legend and not rank 5. Good news to start, we stay at 5 stars per rank. Who says good news says bad news, and the bad is the disappearance of the bonus of stars in case of a series of victories.

Hell begins. Prepare to have to follow game games. Time is running out especially if you are already the 25th of the month. Know that it takes so much time to go from rank 5 to rank Legend than from rank 20 to rank 5. A bit like before with rank 10, you are at a victory to pass this famous rank Legend, only one small victory, after hours and hours, after hundreds of games and nothing to do, the opponent throws you in the figure its perfect exit and crushes you in less time than it takes to say. Do not get discouraged, you’ll end up with patience and you’ll be ranked in Hearthstone. In the end, many people dream of passing this famous rank but only less than 1% of the players succeed.

To explain the design of Hearthstone decks, we will go on black for basic class cards, green for community cards, blue for rare cards, purple for epic cards and orange for cards legendary.

The Pirate Warrior:

  • 2x Upgrade !, 2x Second of N’zoth, 2x Heroic Strike, 2x Fiery War Ax, 2x Adept of the Bloody Veil, 2x Berserker Foaming,
  • 2x Kor’kron Elite Soldier, 2x Arcanite Mower, 2x South Sea Sailor, 1x Neunoeil the Pirate, 2x Bloody Veil Moss, 2x Ravaceous Stun,
  • 2x Captain of the South Seas, 2x Fearless Corsair, 2x Naga Corsair, 1x Leeroy Jenkins.

Aggressive deck whose goal is to get as fast as possible the 30 points of life of the opponent for a victory to turn 7 on average. This is a very affordable deck (it remains more or less the same as before the release of the trip to the center of Un’Goro) at the dust level since it takes 5080 in its most optimal version. Indeed the two legendary are replaceable by a brocheroc wild boar for Neunoeil the pirate and the reckless Missilière for Leeroy Jenkins. For your starting hand, you need first 1 Second of N’zoth and 1 Sailor of the South Seas. For the course of the game itself, focus on the opposing hero, but if ever a trade (the fact of managing an opposing card placed on the ground) seems to you judicious do not hesitate.

Aggressive deck and almost unstoppable once set up, its weak point comes mostly from the beginning of the game when you are going to put back the Fires follets or the novice Engineers in your hand with the help of the Young Brewmaster or Steps of the Shadow to activate the Cave of the Depth Quest as quickly as possible, ideally on turn 5. If you successfully activate it, the game is won in most cases.

Control deck that relies on an OTK (One Turn Kill, killing the hero on one turn). The goal will be to draw the cards faster thanks to the Novice Engineers, Loot Collectors or Cold-Light Oracles to have in hand the cards essential to this combo as Reflections of magma that will allow to duplicate the Apprentices of the sorcerer to reduce to zero mana the cost of spells and especially the fireballs generated by Archmage Antonidas. Thanks to the Gate Open Once completed quest (which gives you an extra turn) you will be able to generate infinite fireballs and thus kill the opposing hero. But well before that it will have to succeed in delaying enormously the game thanks to cards like Frost Nova, Blizzard or Ice Block. Probably one of the most complicated decks to play of the moment but it is extremely enjoyable once well mastered.

The Elemental Shaman:

  • 1x Lightning Bolt, 2x Jade Claws, 2x Furnace Messenger, 2x Maelstrom Gate, 2x Hex, 2x Lightning Storm, 2x Jade Bolt, 2x Elemental Fire,
  • 1x Lord Kalimos, 2x Flammetin, 1x Blood Mage Thalnos, 2 x Tar Ramper, 2x Elemental Bone, 2x Stone Sculptor Tol’vir, 2x Kalimos Servant,
  • 1x Aya Black Paw, 2x Mande-brasier.

Mid-aggressive mid-control deck that plays around the elementals accompanied by Jade golems which gives a rather interesting synergy. A start may be slightly too slow against aggressive decks even if the Tar Rampers and the Tolvir Rock Sculpts will slow them down enough. If you see that this is not enough you can add in your deck Stone Sentinels that will end the game for aggressive decks. To return to the game, playing the Messengers of the furnace as soon as possible will allow you to gain a not insignificant gain for the rest of the game. If you are in difficulty in the game Lord Kalimos will save you from many situations through the choice of his four invocations. This map is considered one of Hearthstone’s legendary best and therefore of the Un’Goro Center Trip.