League of Legends

You talk about League of Legends without talking to you about eSport, would be considered an oversight because it is an important component of this game. If you play League of Legends you must have heard about eSports. Translated literally in French by eSports eSport on League of Legends is in the form of LAN tournaments in which hundreds or even thousands of participants will compete until only one team remains title of 2016, SK Telecom. League of Legends has obviously contributed enormously to the development of eSports.

At the moment eSports is booming, many companies or even football clubs have even already create their own League of Legends teams, as this market has a future. Thanks to Twitch (stream platform) in particular, the spread of these events around the world is very popular. And if all this interests you, no doubt you will love the League of Legends eSports. You want to get into the most played game in the world with no less than 60 million players, but you are afraid to get lost before you start, here is a guide made especially for you to understand the game Riot Games.

The League of Legends Championship Series

2 groups of 5 who compete throughout the year in BO3. The winner of each continent will receive an invitation for the Mid Season Invitational. The overall allocation is $ 200,000 for all teams.

North American :

  • The semifinals saw Cloud9 beat Phoenix1 on the undefeated score of 3-0. Then TSM faced FlyQuest to get the same score 3-0. We start with the match for the third place that will be played between the team Phoenix 1 and FlyQuest on April 22 at 21h. The final that will oppose Cloud9 TSM will be played on April 23 at 21h also.


  • The semi-finals saw G2 Esports beat Fnatic 3-1 and Unicorns of Love defeated Misfits 3-1. The match in third place will face Fnatic against Misfits on April 22 at 17h. For the final we will find G2 Esports against Unicorns of Love on April 23 at 17h.

The Mid Season Invitational:

  • This is the big tournament of League of Legends that will take place in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. It will be endowed with $ 250,000 reward for the first. It will bring together the best teams from each continent. It will run from April 28 to May 21. In 2016, SK Telecom won the tournament.

The basics of League of Legends

This will allow you to assimilate the simplest bases of League of Legends like the movement, the attacks and also to make you discover the Fault of the invoker, the card of game most known and thus inevitably the most played (we will return in detail on it a little later in the article). On this rift of the Summoner the principle will be simple, it will at all cost keep your line, your turrets and that of your allies, inhibitors and ultimately your Nexus. If you lose your Nexus, you lose the game.

Player vs. IA mode

An extra step is needed before you gleefully gut by other players. So start a few games against Easy level bots to really take the game in hand then go to the Intermediate bot. The level gets tough, but stays well away from a single game against other players. Another level of bot is under study by Riot Games but it is still only at the project stage, we will surely talk about it later, in the weeks or months to come.


Probably one of the least played modes but not necessarily the least interesting. The parties are shorter, which is perfect if you do not have a lot of time in front of you (between 15 and 20 minutes per game). The principle is simple on paper, just capture points, much like the territory capture in most FPS. There too there is only one card named The Crystal Breach. This game mode has since been removed by Riot Games.