Betting on the World Cup Overwatch

The game is fairly recent but it has been cut for eSports since the start and it is starting to grow and it interests betting sites like 1XBET or MrXbet who offer bets on major events like the World Cup Overwatch . For the moment it is just possible to bet on the victory of one of the two teams. But in the near future it will undoubtedly be possible to bet on specific facts about a game.

The course of the tournament

The tournament was held at the BlizzCon at the Anaheim Convention Center in California from October 29, 2016 to November 5, 2016. The tournament was played on a PC and consisted of 16 teams, each representing their country with a community vote to elect the participants. The total cashprize was $ 288,000 and, surprisingly, the cashprize is distributed equitably among the 16 participants, which gives $ 18,000 for each team.

The 16 teams were divided into 4 groups where only the first two were qualified. The matches were played in BO3. We will review the course of France in detail. The team of France is represented by the players Alphacast, Kitty, Knoxxx, Degun, Mickalow and Kryw. France is in Group D with China, Thailand and Singapore. France won 2-0 against Singapore but lost 2-1 against Thailand. For the third match France wins 2-1 against China. But at the same time Thailand lost against China which brings the 3 teams tied. They will have to decide between tiebreakers. China will take first place by defeating Thailand and France, but it will pull out of qualification by eliminating Thailand.

The final phase

France is in the quarterfinals against a very big team from Russia. The first part takes place on Anubis Temple where a team attacks to capture areas and another defends and vice versa. And it is France who wins the first part. The second part takes place on Eichenwalde where the principle is to escort a convoy from point A to point B. Russia handles the game much better and equalizes to 1 everywhere. The third part takes place on the Lijiang Tower with the same principle as on Temple of Anubis.

In the semifinals Russia will easily eliminate Finland and will qualify in the final against the favorite, South Korea who has not conceded any part of the tournament to one of his opponents by eliminating without difficulty the United States and the United States. Sweden. But before this final, there was the match for third place between Finland and Sweden. Sweden will eventually win the score of 2-1. The final will be played in BO5 but the suspense does not settle for a single second as South Korea explodes Russia on the final score of 4-0. South Korea becomes world champion on Overwatch.

Bet on the APEX Overwatch

When a tournament is important enough in the world of eSports, betting sites like 1XBET or MrXbet do not hesitate to cover the event by offering to bet on teams that will compete and in other cases they can even offer more specialized bets like the number of heats, the exact score or the number of frags.

The course of the tournament

It should be known that this is the third season of this tournament which takes place throughout the year. It is organized by OGN and brings together the best South Korean teams but still invites 2 or 3 teams from another country. The cashprize is currently set at $ 177,000. And the entire competition will be heard on Twitch. To quickly return to the first two seasons, the team Team EnVyUs who as a guest team had won this first season. In the second season it was the Korean team Lunatic-Hai who won. They will obviously be present in the third season to defend their title.

The group phase

For this season 3, there are only 2 guest teams that are EnVyUs (American), the winners of season 1 and Rogue, a French team. All teams are divided by 4 into four groups (A, B, C and D). At the time of writing, only two matches have been held for each group. In group A, the title holder Lunatic-Hai hardly imposed 3-2 against the KD Panthera who had their chance to win as they led 2-0 before being traced back. And the first good news comes from the French team, Rogue, who won on the score of 3-1 which allows them to take control of the group A. The first part was held on the Lijiang Tower and Rogue s ‘is imposed 2-1. On the King’s Row map, same scenario with a 2-1 win. But on Temple of Anubis, Snape ended up losing 4 to 3 and allowed Mighty AOD to come back to 2-1 in the match but it was only a small shot of less well since on the score of 2-1 again they impose themselves on the Gibraltar card. The game against the KD Panthera has just ended and the Rogue lost on the score of 3-1. This greatly complicates the chances of qualifying since the last match will be played against the Lunatic-Hai.

The schedule of group D is different from the others and the Team EnVyUs is the only team of the tournament not yet started. Their first match will take place on May 16 and will be an opportunity to evaluate their level. The first two of each group are not qualified for the finals as in most tournaments but for a second group stage with a new group A and B. And the first two of these groups will finally qualify and directly in half -final of the final phase.

The final phase

With this more specific system, the final phase is considerably reduced since one arrives immediately in semifinals with parts in BO7. The final will also take place in BO7. In the previous edition the Lunatic-Hai had imposed 4-3.