All Random All Mid is what the acronym ARAM stands for. This is one of the most random game modes possible. A single straight line, a random champion and go for the clash. If you are a beginner, this mode is clearly to be avoided because to play a character that you have never tried can be frustrating very quickly. There also a single card named The Shrieking Abyss.

Your champion starts level 3, with a little more gold than on a normal game. You can not go back to the base to heal or to buy an item. To be able to do it you must die. Along each camp, there are healing icons that give you a few points of life and mana.

Classic mode and classified mode

The classic mode:

On a small map (Forest Tortured) to make the 3vs3 or the largest (the famous Fault of the Summoner) for 5vs5, you start your game.

Classified mode:

You have a hundred games behind you, you have reached the famous level 30 and have bought more than 16 champions, so you are ready for the games, to move from bronze rank to diamond rank or more.

From now on we will focus on the classic mode and in 5vs5 of the Summoner’s Fault, this is the iconic mode of the Riot Games game.

The positioning

As you see above, the map is divided into several parts: the top, the middle, the bottom and the part that we will call the jungle, that is to say the green spaces between each part. Before the game is launched, everyone chooses where they want to play, knowing that the majority of games are played out in this way: a person who defends the top part, a middle one, two people for the bottom part and the last one who goes to play. to walk in this jungle throughout the game. For the top line a strong enough character is required, for the middle line most often a mage or assassin is present. For the bottom line, you have to choose a character who does big damage by playing on the distance and a support. For the jungle, the character is chosen according to the role we want to give him (to be resistant, to do damage).

The course of the game

At the beginning of the game, you will have to defend your turret while trying to destroy that of the opponent. Most of the time it starts in an observation round and in a farm of creeps. Some parties can quickly fall into madness if one of the two teams is likely to shake the traditional codes of the parties. Then when a turret from one side gives way, you have to fall back to the next one. Then there will still be a last turret if the second one gives in turn. If you lose your three turrets your inhibitor is exposed and the loser will begin to seriously undermine your path because if your inhibitor is destroyed, the opponents will have super-minions. If this scenario occurs on your three lanes, the game is very bad for your team as there will only be two turrets to protect your Nexus.

Throughout the game, it will try to grab the maximum of small bonus that can tip the scales on your side. Elemental dragons of 4 types that appear every 6 minutes will give you a bonus for the rest of the game:

  • Fire Dragon: It grants 8/16/24% Attack and Power Damage
  • Earth Dragon: It grants 10/20/30% of raw damage to epic monsters and turrets
  • Water Dragon: Restores 10% of your hit points and missing mana every 18/12/6 seconds
  • The Air Dragon: It gives a 15/30/45 off-combat speed bonus

Then after 35 minutes of games the elemental dragons leave their places to the ancestral dragon. It is more difficult to kill but offers very important bonuses.

Then on the other side is Baron Nashor, the most powerful monster. The beating will give you a big advantage for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It gives you 40 in power and attack damage and a boost to the minions when you are close to them, it allows you to return to the base in 4 seconds instead of 8 with the reminder.

The different spells

For each game, you can choose 2 spells (with a time of recovery ranging from 2 to 3 minutes) among the ten proposed.

  • The Flash: it allows your champion to teleport a short distance, it is very used because it allows to get out of badly embarked situations or even to surprise the enemy by using it to attack.
  • Teleportation: It allows your champion to teleport on turrets, beacons and monsters. It is very often used by the top line.
  • Care: It is usually taken by the person away on the bottom line to heal and possibly heal your support.
  • Luck: it is often used on the middle line, it allows to type in support of your champion and reduces the care received on the target of 50% for a few seconds.
  • Ghost: It allows you to run through units and increase your movement speed for 10 seconds.
  • Clarity: Very little played, it allows to return 50% of his mana to your champion and 25% to close allies.
  • The Purge: It dispels all the negative effects on your champion and reduces by 65% new negative effects.
  • Punishment: It is used only by junglers because it can inflict heavy damage to monsters while healing you slightly.
  • Barrier: Most commonly used in Mid, it offers your champion a temporary shield to protect you.
  • Fatigue: Often used by the support, it makes it possible to slow down the enemy target, to reduce his armor and to lower his attack.

Runes, Masters, Equipment and Currencies

At each game you will earn Influence Points (IP). These points will serve you to buy other champions but also runes that will bring you different stats to improve your champion. As you go up, you will also earn points to spread in tables and this will be your mastery. During the game, as you win gold, you return to the base to buy equipment according to your class at first (the recommended objects will be a good help at the beginning) and then with the experience you accumulate over time you will succeed in adapting to the course of games and the various opponents. You can also buy all this with Riot Points (RP) but for these points you will have to spend real money.

With which champions of the Nexus started: theoretically you can start with any characters but it is true that some are easier to handle but not all to master completely. We will still advise you three:

  • Garen: it inflicts good damage, it is resistant enough, it is ideal for a beginner even if the fact of being in the body-to-body can be complicated. He plays at the Top. We start on Teleportation and Ignition as spells. For the runes, we start on 9x Great Mark of Armor Penetration, 9x Great Seal of Armor, 9x Great Glyph of Magic Resistance and 3x Great Quintessence of Attack Damage. Garen is very strong at the start of the game against another close combat champion but it is already more difficult against a distant champion.
  • Teemo: a nice little squirrel on one side, a formidable character and often hated by opponents for its invisibility and especially its mushrooms. He also relies heavily on his self-attack, so it’s ideal for a beginner. It is played at the top too. And here we go on Teleportation and Ignition. For the runes, choose 9x Great Armor Seal, 9x Great Glyph of Magic Resistance, 9x Great Hybrid Penetration Mark, and 3x Great Quintessence of Power. Teemo is also very powerful at the beginning of the game thanks to the poison on his auto-attack.
  • Annie: she frequently stuns her opponents and then sends them her bear at the same time, as much to tell you that she does not joke, and that once your chances of survival are stunned are slim. It is played in the Mid most of the time with some appearances in support. We go on the Flash and the Ignition. For the runes, we’re aiming for 9x Great Glyph of Magic Resistance, 9x Great Magic Penetration Mark, 9x Great Seal of HP / Level and 3x 3x Great Quintessence of Power.

The vocabulary specific to League of Legends:

  • The goal here is to teach you the basic vocabulary to help you understand and understand your teammates
  • Lane: these are the tracks / lines on the map (top = top, middle = mid and bottom = bot)
  • Aoe: This is a spell that can target an area and not just a single target
  • Back: it’s about going back to the base to regenerate his health, mana, or equipment
  • Buff: It’s a short-term or long-term effect that is achieved by killing the Baron Nashor, a sort of giant dragon, or the various dragons that appear several times in the same place during a game. In the jungle there is also a blue buff and a red buff but most of the time are reserved for the person who will take care of this part.
  • Bush: these are the bushes that run along the lanes, you are invisible to the eyes of the enemy once inside
  • Creep / sbire: these are the monsters that will fight each other on the lanes.
  • Last hit: action to put the final blow to the opponent’s creep to recover gold
  • Ward: it’s a kind of vision beacon, it allows you for example to see inside enemy bush.
  • Farm: Killing as many creeps as possible to get the most gold.