Starcraft 2

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2010, StarCraft 2 is a strategic game that is currently one of the best video games in the world. As a logical continuation of StarCraft: Brood War released in 1998, Dustin Browder’s design was a very successful commercial success, with over 4.5 million copies sold right after its release. A figure that has certainly increased in the meantime. With this phenomenal triumph, many eSports sites are struggling to offer sports bets to their customers regarding this very famous video game. Each one tries to carve the lion’s share to retain the bettors with quite exceptional bonuses.

The StarCraft video game is a real business opportunity, and eSports sites have not missed the opportunity to allow their customers to bet to win winnings. Among these sites we find:

ExclusiveBet, one of the few eSports online betting sites, accepting French. This betting platform offers excellent advantages to punters who want to try their luck with StarCraft 2. Thus, the site offers its players very attractive bonuses, cashbacks, bonuses on weekends or during big competitions …

1XBet is not as left over, because here the StarCraft 2 is even the video game that is the main star. Moreover, what is interesting about this site is that articles are made available to the punters so that they can have all the necessary information on StarCraft 2.

As a result, 1Xbet puts all the odds in favor of its customers so that they multiply their earnings in a very permanent way. In addition, if there is a big eSports betting event, the bettor will see it on the site’s menu. The payment options are very simple and reliable, and the player can carry out his financial transactions with several currencies.

How to bet on StarCraft 2 ?

There are several ways that you can bet on StarCraft 2. You need to do an analysis on previous matches to have a clear overview of the capabilities of vis-à-vis. With this system, you can have a great chance to make your bets profitable with high pay. A background search is also useful because it gives you the opportunity to know the player’s odds against his opponent’s race. Thus, you will have all the information regarding its overall performance, but also special information on how the player often starts his games. On this, the Elo system is also ideal, with the quantitative ranking that is available to you.

Starting from that, you’ll have a definite idea about how the player opposes against other races and match-ups. In addition, you can also rely on the map of the game. Indeed, StarCraft 2 offers a variety of cards, and each professional player feels more comfortable with a card. This aspect is also a determining factor that gives you the opportunity to perfect your analysis.

Which tournament to choose on SC2?

On StarCraft 2, you can bet on several tournaments that are distinguished by the diversity of jackpots involved. Moreover, they can sometimes go up to more than 260,000 euros! These tournaments include the WCS Premier League, whose prize can reach more than 150,000 euros. Indeed, this tournament happens in two seasons: at the beginning and the middle of the year. We also have the DreamHack which is open in several seasons that is to say every two months. The prize pool of this tournament amounts to more than 22,000 euros. We can not do without Global League Starcraft, which is a Korean tournament that is launched three times a year. The price of each season reaches more than 87 000 euros.

In short, we can see that there is a great diversity of tournaments that you can bet to try to win the pot. The eSpotifs betting sites are also very available to offer you the best of StarCraft 2. Which means that you have the wide choice to transform your entertainment moments into a profitable activity. So, bet on StarCraft 2 and make money by living your passion fully.