The massively multiplayer online role-playing scene is expanding and out-of-the-ordinary. It allows a large number of players to interact simultaneously in a virtual world. Among the most iconic games of this type, it’s hard to forget about World Of Warcraft, one of the most popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing) video games of its time. Major events such as the World of Warcraft World Arena Championship are held annually for the game. Fans of the game have the opportunity to bet on their favorite team or player during the competition.

World Of Warcraft overview

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, World Of Warcraft is the fourth game in the medieval fantasy world of Warcraft which is a video game of the MMORPG type, that is to say, playable online in multiplayer mode. The game takes place in the imaginary world of Azeroth, and its historical setting is four years after the last events of Warcraft III. The player has the choice of his character among the 13 races available divided into two factions: the alliance and the horde. In addition to the choice of the race, its character and its appearance, the player has the choice of a class among the nine (Warrior, mage, thief, priest, hunter, druid …) for its customization.

In the first expansion of the game that arrived in January 2007 and called The Burning Crusade, each faction has a new race namely: Blood Elves for the horde and Draenei for the alliance. In the Cataclysm expansion, two races are added: Goblins in the Horde and Worgen (sort of werewolves) in the alliance. By contrast, pandarens in the Miss of Pandaria extension are implanted as a neutral race that can freely choose its Alliance or Horde affiliation.

World of Warcraft World Arena Championship

The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship is a great e-sports event organized by the developer of the game Blizzard. Professional players from around the world challenge their skills and compete for a spot on one of the world’s leading e-sports scenes (Blizzcon). World Championship issues are decided on the Blizzcon stage where players compete for an endowment of up to $ 250,000.

How to bet on World Of Warcraft ?

You never fail to follow the tournaments, the big competitions of World Of Warcraft, you have a good control of the strategies of the game, all you have to learn to bet on your favorite teams and players to try to win some money. First and foremost, you need to know that betting real money on any game is only for adults with a bank account or an electronic wallet. It is appropriate at first to find a site of paris to place his bet. The choice of an e-sports betting site is crucial, as there are several betting platforms on World Of Warcraft. So it’s hard to trust some of these sites. Your choice must be based on the criteria:

  • Number of registered players who bet
  • Coverage of the biggest and many games
  • Stable odds
  • Real money bets
  • Finally an intelligible interface.

Betting sites on World Of Warcraft

Most sites that offer e-sports bets on World Of Warcraft are American. There are three main trustworthy: Pinnaclesport, Bet-at-Man and Bet365.

These sites only offer real money bets and do not use virtual currencies. They cover major tournaments and official e-sports competitions.

The interfaces are intelligible and facilitate the comparison of odds before deciding to bet on the team of his choice.

Types of bets on World Of Warcraft

The wager on World Of Warcratf is like all e-sports bets on other games, with a fairly simple classic principle that is to bet on the victory of his favorite team. If she wins her match, you win your winnings. Apart from the odds, you can bet on which team will reach the quarter-finals or the final of the competition, but also on the nationality of the winning team.

There are also more special bets like betting on the fact that the game will be over in less than 10 or 15 minutes for example.

Betting strategy

The wager on World Of Warcraft as the other bets on e-sports is random. If you know the statistics of your favorite teams perfectly, you will have more chances to win.

It is also important to review your bets from time to time. E-sport betting sites usually provide tools to track your successes or failures in your predictions. But in addition, you must be attentive to your behavior. It is better to refrain from wagering if your feelings are bad and statistics too. As with any competition, you can have information about players or teams, their history, their victory profile, their progress, etc. This information is generally provided by e-sport betting sites.

What you need to know before betting

Generally e-sports betting sites take margins on bettors’ earnings to make the site work. This sounds trivial since the site organizes the bets, takes them and distributes the winnings. The margin is created on the whole money masses wagered. Become very popular, World Of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that has already lasted on the e-sports scene. For the subscribers of the game, betting should be a way to increase their experience, hoping of course that luck is with them.