ESport bets

Electronic sports and competitions

The fervor and enthusiasm experienced by video games since the end of the 20th century saw their themes and the number of productions explode. From arcade video games to early game consoles, PC games and the development of massively multiplayer online games, the evolution of this entertainment, which has become globally competitive, may reach its climax through the professionalisation of players and the sacredness of eSports: electronic sports. We speak of eSport to designate the competition between players of a video game.

Initiated by LAN (or network tournaments), the democratization of Internet access and therefore online games has developed this competition. It carried it on two scenes: The world, propelled by the development of massively playable online games and the exponential media coverage of eSports events, for example streaming on channels such as Twitch or Azubu. The second scene is professional, driven by enthusiasm, the determination of players to live their passion, the evolution of players’ performances and the valorization of their skills. We are talking about eSports bets when the competition between professional players of a video game arouses bets on their performances.

ESports betting

Bets are in human nature. To bet is to affirm a result between two hypotheses whose outcome is indeterminate or to attribute a value to the outcome, still unknown, of an event. The passion unleashed by the eSports arouses the desire to invest in it or to bet on the performances to come. The professionalization of video game players, alone or in teams, competitions that oppose them and the media excitement that surrounds them could only be the cement of a new variant of paris that have become paris eSports.

Betting on electronic sports follows the same logic as sports betting:

  • Simple eSports bets: A rating (see eSports glossary) is assigned to a team based on their potential to win a match. This rating is pre-established based on various factors such as past team results, personal opinions, etc. Bookmakers are professionals who are in charge of rating a rating. You enter a bet bet that this or that team will win and your bet matches the odds set for the match. The stake bet will be multiplied by the odds given to the team you have chosen if your bet is winning.

Other types of bets exist:

  • The eSports bets combined: It is simply to perform multiple simultaneous bets on different events, several meetings. If the chosen results are all winners then the odds of the various results will multiply between them, thus increasing the possible amounts of gains.
  • eSports bets live (or live): In this case, it is the nature of the bet that is interesting. On the basis of a single bet, you can bet during the match, according to changes in odds imposed by the evolution of the event.
  • eSports bets called “exotic”: In a classic bet, you bet on the outcome directly related to the match, namely the victory of such a team. An exotic bet will allow you to bet on different aspects of the game, for example at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will be able to bet on the minimum number of frags per headshots made by a team.

In general, it is the craze for a game that will be decisive in its ability to be inducted eSport. Whether free or paid, its massive online accessibility is also a determining factor. The pillars of eSports on which it is possible to bet have been, since the end of the 1990s, in video games such as:

  • League of Legends (or LOL) which is a MOBA: a massively multiplayer online battle arena. Two teams of five players compete in an arena with the aim of destroying the enemy fortress. Players can take one of three possible paths and must protect themselves from the many attackers wandering in a jungle that separates the two opposing bases. ESport was launched very quickly on LoL.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is an FPS: a first-person shooter. Terrorists vs. anti-terrorists compete on game cards in two modes (classic and competitive) offering various game variants. Fifteen to thirty rounds make up a match. Depending on the type of card you are playing on, if you are a terrorist you will have to detain hostages or put a bomb. On the other hand, if you play the counter-terrorists, you will have to free the hostages or prevent the bomb explosion. It is also possible to win a round by annihilating the opposing team.
  • Hearthstone which is a GCC: a trading card game. Inspired by the World of Warcraft game world, you face your opponent through a character, chosen from nine classes and their own “heroic powers”. Thirty cards categorized according to their abilities of action between “servants”, “spells” or “weapons” allow you to fight your opponent in order to climb the ranked ladder.
  • World of Warcraft which is a MMORPG: a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The most popular among the massively playable role-playing games online, WoW allows you to embody a character among two factions: the Alliance and the Horde. From human, gnome or elf of the night to orcs, trolls and undead, develop your hero’s skills by launching you into quests to various missions through a medieval-fantasy universe.

The eSport on Wow is mainly played in arena, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5.

Where and how to make eSports bets?

Although eSports bets represent only a minor part of sports betting currently in France, you can find bookmakers accepting your eSports bets, some are also French online casinos.

Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Bet-at-home
  • Pinnacle
  • bet365
  • Exclusivebet
  • 1Xbet

Legislation and bets eSports.

Currently in France, there is a legislative uncertainty regarding bets eSports, no law has ruled on their legality. However, their similarities to games of chance suggest that they are not allowed unless the proposing organization is approved by ARJEL (Online Games Regulatory Authority). Unfortunately, this regulatory authority issues authorizations only with regard to turf, poker or sports betting. Technically, the red card does not need to be lifted: your bets are placed on European or foreign sites authorized by their legislation to offer this service. The still minimal aspect of the bet eSport and the disinterest of the legislators for this question allow to suppose that nobody will come to sanction you for having placed a bet on a meeting.

A constant remains: to play for pleasure and not to pursue gains. Games addiction is a disease, responsible gambling must be a foundation of your passion. Professionals can accompany you. You’ll understand, geeks or video game enthusiasts, hardcore gamblers or adrenaline aficionados, the XXI century offers us the exciting combination of video games and betting, causing yet another thrill.